Sunday, May 19, 2013

Proverbs Reggae Band -- Mount Rainier Day - May 18 2013

Proverbs Reggae Band - I caught a brief set of this band at a block party festival in Mount Rainier on Saturday afternoon. There were PA problems and a tight schedule full of music for the festival goers, so this was not the ideal way to catch this excellent area reggae band. They still managed to cook up that lilting contemplative, happy vibe that good reggae music will bring out and they managed to give the dancers a couple of up tempo numbers that played well. I unfortunately missed their Howard Theatre set recently, so I wanted to at least check them out. Fortunately they seem to be gigging quite a bit in the area, so I will be checking back in to see what they sound like indoors playing a full set of grooving reggae music. And for the record, I am quite biased here as the bass player is an old office friend. I do miss work, when I can get into a passionate musical discussion with the guy down the hall.

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