Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Silver Liners - The Riverbreaks - Go Cozy -- DC9 - Jun 2 2013

Go Cozy - This local quintet immediately establishes their sound, firmly in the dream pop category. It's a little too bright for shoegaze, although the vocals are drenched in reverb. The sound is lush and they do it well pulling the large crowd into their world. There is just one catch. Although I often may say a band needs a bit of variety, I rarely comment that all the songs sound the same as that more often implies my lack of familiarity with the genre than anything the band was doing. But this time, I'll make an exception, because aside from one song later in the set that had some nice melodic and rhythmic twists, I had trouble telling anything apart. And this music does need some variation as it is song oriented. But they have a nice foundation to work from and I will be happy seeing their progress later in the year.

The Riverbreaks - It is quite a deal tonight with two local bands that have headlined shows in bigger clubs, yet have joined together to bring a packed house into the cozy confines of the DC9. The tones seem a little deeper and darker tonight for some reason. Well one reason, which they commented on often, is that they are missing their fine violinist. I miss what she brings to their sound as well, but I kind of liked hearing this rawer version of the Riverbreaks tonight. Their Americana rock songs still shine brightly with hooks and catchy vocal lines, but the instrumentation is really pushing hard tonight. They debuted a song which I thought was excellent, so it is great to see them doing well and having a good time on stage. They have deservedly grown their audience with catchy music that retains heart and integrity and hopefully can continue to expand their domain as they come up with new songs.
The Silver Liners - I have long been a fan of this young local band, as like the Riverbreaks, they have a mainstream appeal, but write personal high quality songs for the indie fans. In other words, these bands could be big, but for all the right reasons and on the right paths. Tonight only furthered my belief, as they were as strong as ever. Even as they present their poppiest numbers, they still kept their strength in the delivery. They rocked out all set long with the two axemen trading a bass around or playing two guitars, allowing the keyboardist to fill out the bottom. The drum work was crisp, the vocals assured, and the band really locked in tonight, even as they integrated their more complex patterns. The keyboards were noticeably present tonight, but each component sound had purpose and excellent execution in delivering the whole of the song. They can be deep and dreamy, light and danceable, or rocking and it all comes together as a cohesive set. May they continue to shine brightly.

Quote of the Night: From the Riverbreaks..."this next song is our newest, so please forgive us."

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