Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elikeh -- Kennedy Center - Aug 17 2013

Elikeh - The Kennedy Center has long put on free early evening shows which are perfect for exposing yourself to something new prior to going to your later event; or in this case, going out of your way to see one of DC's finest bands. Listen Local First presented this show and chose one of my favorites, Elikeh, to bring their unique blend of African and American music to a new audience. It was a big crowd as it usually is, and although a little more sedate than in a club the atmosphere was good. The band was able to fill the huge hall with their smoothly delivered original music that was right in line with what I have seen at smaller clubs. If anything, they are tighter than ever after doing this for a few years now. They manage a silky groove that to my ears is liquid reggae. Their hour long set was long on music with no filler and was a great start no matter what your plans were thereafter. It had been a while since I last saw Elikeh and I have vowed not to let so much time elapse before the next show. As with Listen Local First, I do encourage everyone to go out of your way to catch local music, especially when the band is as good as Elikeh.

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