Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Dickies - Dot Dash -- Black Cat - Oct 30 2013

Dot Dash - Rather than discuss the high qualities of this band, since I have done it many times before (Such as this review from last month), let us just say that the sound quality was quite good aside from the usual buzz that permanently resides on the big stage at the Black Cat (yet gets lost once the guitars start blasting away). Their songs were sharp and unfortunately the crowd was slow to arrive tonight with only a couple dozen there at the beginning, up to 50-60 by the time their set ended. Do come early anytime this band is on the bill and that advice goes for many of the fine bands around town. But rather than talk more about, I'll just post their latest video...

A Light in The Distance from Dot Dash on Vimeo.

The Dickies - Better 35 years late than never, as I finally catch the live act of this essential punk band. Formed in LA, the Dickies took the fun parts of the Ramones music and sped it up, amped up and applied it to fun pop originals and interesting cover songs. Stan Lee is still blazing away on guitar and the band has all their tricks with them such as gorilla masks, inflatable dolls and puppets. I start to feel silly when I realize I am watching a hand puppet mouth the words when the singer is right behind him singing into the mic. But if I was not willing to join in the silliness, I should not have come. The crowd finally built to something resembling respectable, although this band deserves far more than this, as it appears less of the younger crowd has picked up on this band's importance and brilliance. The band rattled off the songs fast and furious, with only occasional pauses for some humorous banter, with tongues practically protruding out of their cheeks. The classic covers were there from "Nights in White Satin", "Banana Splits theme", "Gigantor", a surprising Tommy medley, and much more. Catching up with both the Rezillos and the Dickies in the past year has really restored my faith in the power-pop/punk hybrid sound that was so important in the late 1970s. I love my Joy Division, and as we have all read to death, Lou Reed certainly has his place in music history. But it is also important to cut loose, let your hair down and explore the child side now and then. The Dickies give you all that and more.

Quote of the Night: From the Dickies singer... "So, Dave Grohl owns this place?... But how can he afford it?"

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