Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside - Mount Moriah -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Nov 1 2013

Mount Moriah - There is a big crowd on hand tonight and clearly there are fans of both bands on hand to make for a festive evening. And it did not take much effort or copious amounts of alcohol to get excited about the great sounds of Mount Moriah. It was not so much that there was anything unique or overwhelming, but it was a band that just oozed personality. Certainly, Heather McIntyre's vocals and rhythm guitar is the place to start with her waif-like looks that belie her vocal power and control. The lead guitar work is very smart and alternates between working around the vocal lines and propelling things forward. The rhythm section keeps it all together and they end up reminding me quite a bit of the Walkabouts, maybe a tad less Americana, although the Walkabouts transcend that genre as well. It is all a little urban, a little rural, and they can really rock and jam out when they want to go beyond their fine songs. There is a lot to like here and the DC crowd did.
Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside - This quirky Portland quartet makes a quick return to DC to engage us all with their signature sound combination. They start off with an instrumental that places them squarely in the garage with that heavy reverbed Duane Eddy/Dick Dale guitar enveloping the sound. They move into their more indie rock material that ebbs and flows into blues, garage rock, and other song oriented forms with ease and style. There is even a Loretta Lynn cover, "Fist City", which was a request. They are a playful band, but not loose, more flexible with the subtle shifts in style, volume, and pace. Their songs stand out from the crowd and stay with you well after the evening's close. The crowd was sizable and as into the music as many that I've seen, especially for younger indie bands.

Quote of the Night: From Heather M. .. "Can I get more light? I want a spotlight. I'm kidding"
"She's not."
"I AM kidding!"

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