Monday, November 4, 2013

The Irrepressibles -- Atlas Performing Arts Center - Nov 3 2013

The Irrepressibles - The Atlas Performing Arts Center has a great calendar filled with a lot of interesting music, both in Jazz and World-rock and folk styles. In from the UK tonight, are a intriguing pop-rock collective led by songwriter and voice, Jamie McDermott. There are multitude of members, but tonight he is joined by a cellist and violinist. He switches between piano and acoustic guitar and delivers his fascinating and soaring vocals. The beginning songs are quite experimental consisting of minimalism as well as strings layering. When his voice kicks in, I am immediately transported to the land between Tim Buckley and Scott Walker. Things grow a bit more toward traditional song patterns and ultimately this style fits comfortably next to Antony and the Johnsons. He also discusses a cover song by a female artist that is a major influence. Even with that partial introduction I was quite sure he was going to say Kate Bush and he did. This hour plus set flew by, occupying a sonic space that few are able to work in. And even with all the creative moves, like a Kate Bush, this trio managed to pull the crowd in with music that you can connect to with mind and body. The last cut was an older one that some in the crowd were familiar with and it had a great prog rock structure to it. This was a pleasure tonight and I am going to keep this venue on my radar as a great way to get something alternative to the usual rock and folk clubs.

Quote of the Night: the unmistakable whole note 'twang' during a tuning... "It's in dropped D"

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