Monday, February 24, 2014

Graham Colton - Cumulus -- Jammin Java - Feb 23 2014

Cumulus - What an aptly named band we have tonight. From the far corners of the northwest, this thick bright cloud has made its way to the stage of the Jammin Java to display its big, yet airy sound. They begin with a folk rock style but add rock elements, shoegaze guitar sounds, and some lush pop moves as well. They have an assured strong sound, yet there is much space within as nothing is too thick or heavy. They remind me quite a bit of fellow Seattle band, the Walkabouts, who are a wonderful band that Europe seems to have figured out better than the US has. Hopefully, Cumulus will take here in the states as they have all the requisite ingredients in the sound along with some good songwriting, too. They were completely worth the price of admission alone, which is a great reason why you should get to clubs early whenever possible. Thankfully, most of the crowd did tonight and were fully into this 40-minute set.
Graham Colton - Although he is a well known singer songwriter, this was my first exposure to Graham Colton. He's got his guitar on and a full band behind him with lead guitar, keyboards, and a rhythm section. It does not take long to see he has a way with a song in coaxing out comforting hooks in an appealing style. It is a little too much on the mainstream side for me, which does explain why so many television programs and movies have used his songs in recent years. But of course, there is nothing at all wrong with that and it is a great way to get your music out to the world. It is a fairly crowded Sunday evening crowd tonight (like a true road warrior, Colton double checked with the crowd to make sure he had the right day after he wished us a Happy Sunday). This was a successful set, although I have to confess that I left early as I had a long night previously and need to shake this cold I've had the past week. However I highly doubt a band this slick and with an energetic frontman in fine voice, had any slip-ups later on.

Quote of the Night: From Cumulus' guitarist after thanking the Jammin Java (and something long time readers will know where I stand)... "We played a pizza place last time. This is way cooler."

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