Friday, April 25, 2014

Acid Mothers Temple - Perhaps --DC9 - Apr 24 2014

Perhaps - This Boston quartet is well matched with the headliner. These guys do psychedelic freak-out and then some. What starts as an intriguing Group 1850 style quickly goes into King Crimson moves matched with the Sun City Girls (aggro jazz phase) played with the abandon and most of the pace of the early Meat Puppets. About 17 minutes into the 40 minute set, there is a drum solo, giving synth, vocals, guitar, and bass a brief rest.. That and a slight down scaling into a moodier sound late, is the only relief from the onslaught. There's certainly quality here, but I just find myself saying that I really just don't care much. I wish I did, perhaps next time.
Acid Mothers Temple - This band has often been called the Japanese Hawkwind and it fits well enough. But tonight they seem even closer to Krautrock early on and closer still to the similar sounding Ash Ra Tempel. They have the same core four players on guitar, synth, bass, and drums and add two members I have seen before in a quintet, but never together as tonight's sextet. There is an additional guitar and former member Cotton Casino plays synthesizer who also adds some female vocals on one cut (apparently for just two shows this tour!). The vocal work early on seems even more experimental as they sing as a group and more in an instrumental pattern as opposed to leading a song. Still, I do recognize many of the favorite songs as the set goes on, even as their jamming has always been more important than the songwriting. They do this quite well. It does not vary a lot, but it is a healthy dosage of sonic exploration that is worth sampling when this hard touring group of gypsies head to town. Most of the packed house knew what to expect tonight and was appreciative of the set delivered tonight.

Photo Grab of the night - Well, from a few days ago to celebrate Easter...

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