Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Laura Mvula - Phox -- The Hamilton - Apr 8 2014

Phox - Baraboo, Wisconsin... I thought it was just me and the precious few who spent some of their life in central Wisconsin that had Baraboo burned into their brains. Once it is there it is impossible to forget Baraboo (BEAR-UH-BOO), far more fun to say than salsa. Thanks to Phox, the world is quickly getting to know of this town with its population of twelve thousand and World Circus Museum. They already have hometown fans spread about as several people cheered Baraboo when they announced it from the stage. And these were real connections as I saw a guy wearing a Baraboo high school t-shirt even. But on tothe music... as I said previously when they opened for Blitzen Trapper at the Black Cat last year, they play a superb brand of pop music with lounge jazz singing, all with an outstanding touch. It is even more noticeable tonight, that a band with two or three guitars, keyboards, banjo, and rhythm section working, is able to leave so much space in their songs. And that is both a great skill and strategy as it leaves room for Monica Martin's exquisite vocals. The music allows her to dial it down and use a full range and pull back into delightful softer moments. This is highly accessible music that maintains original moves and style. They are pulling in most of this sold-out crowd, who will hopefully spread the word, as Phox is back at the Hamilton on July 19th for a headlining gig. Give them a listen and you will want to be there.
Laura Mvula - I did not stick around for the headliner as space in this sold out show was not working out to my advantage. I will just leave it at that, as it was kind of a vibe thing as well as my age and schedule. I am sure she did well with so many people packing the house tonight.

Kickstarter Campaign of the Night - If you are a fan of Drew Gibson, you may want to look into his kickstarter campaign for his next album. If you are not a fan, you should be, whether you want the new album or not. Be sure to catch him in the clubs and give this a look.

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