Monday, April 14, 2014

Trust - Mozart's Sister -- Black Cat - Apr 13 2014

Mozart's Sister - Lots of electronic pop tonight starting with this Montreal female duo taking the stage. The vocals are delectable and are the steady highlight in their 45 minute set. The harmonies are good and they are careful not to overuse loops. Instead, they have a pop style with plenty power and the occasional foray into more moody chanting style. I could handle even weaker cliched electronic music with vocals this good. Fortunately, they have enough pop bounce in the melodies keep things fresh and invigorating. There were moments when I could have used more variety, but eventually it came with a few dark spots and tempo shifts. This is a strong band with plenty of charm, personality, and fire. They will likely be back in the top spot next tour with plenty of fans filling the room.
Trust - And from Toronto, comes a more recognized electronic act that is pretty much one guy on the records, although he has a couple of people with him for the live shows. I thought I saw their silhouettes amidst the in your face light show blasting out from the stage. Again, these vocals are incredibly stylish, although the music is also strong and effective in the live setting. If I am not careful seeing bands as good as this will make me an electronica junkie, which has been far from the course for my life. But the singer has nearly the style of Bowie or Bryan Ferry with his own oddly nasal and sardonic voice. It is quite different but brilliantly effective in pulling the crowd into his world. The beats may have them swaying but his singing is the warm embrace that makes this all work for the sold out crowd at the backstage (although there was still plenty of space to stretch out in the back).

Comeback of the Night... No, Led Zeppelin have not set up concert dates, but more importantly if you are in Indiana or southern Ohio, look who is back doing some shows...

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