Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yellow Ostrich - Pattern is Movement -- DC9 - Apr 2 2014

Pattern is Movement - This Philadelphia duo has a sound that is hard to describe. But since that is what I am here for, let's give it a go. They have a drummer and another guy that is handling keyboards, electronics and whatever else I can't quite make out from the back of the club on their darkened stage. The sound moves from pop-rock to dream-pop to ambient to jazz-pop to avant-loun ge. Some of the vocals start of like Scott Walker, while others are closer to Al Green. Strange material indeed, but bravo to these guys for creating such challenging music. Patterns where certainly moving tonight.
Yellow Ostrich -  Apparently not even a snowstorm canceling out this show a month ago could keep people away tonight, as the DC9 was sold out with an enthusiastic crowd that easily warmed to this band. They pulled me in just as quickly as they have outstanding songs that they seem to have fun with when varying the arrangements. It's not quite as radical as earlier, but they managed to combine clean pop melodies with dirty guitar layers underneath. Other times, things would become more playful with more keyboards. The rhythms section was so steady and locked in it allowed the other instruments free reign to meander about a bit. The vocals were spot on with great melodies and a nice range. It is refreshing to see creative bands as this do well and pull in audiences that will be rewarded like this. Good things will continue for Yellow Ostrich.

Quote of the Night: From Yellow Ostrich... "These TV screens are ridiculous. I can't help but watch myself, it's so captivating."

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