Friday, May 16, 2014

Angel Olsen - Promised Land Sound -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - May 15 2014

Promised Land Sound - What promised to be a high quality bar-band Americana sound, evolved into something far more interesting and powerful as this Nashville band's set went on. Sure the vocals and some of core song structures had that easy going Americana rock style, which is prevalent enough these days, but these arrangements were quite wonderful at times. The lead guitars were cutting all kinds of crazed solos and patterns underneath the melody and taking this into outer space often. It was some sort of odd combination of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Mountain, and Hawkwind. The rhythm section was very Hawkwind at times with its quick flowing power. Clearly these guys have some exciting ideas that they are starting to explore. It is not always there, but it mostly works very well. I guess I could have gotten a clue if I looked at their facebook page and posted an amazing great video of the amazing great Amon Duul II. Not too many Nashville bands are trying to work that sound into their music, but more should try. Stay tuned to this band, they could get really good and they are already well down that road.
Angel Olsen - I was very excited to see Angel Olsen after hearing her mesmerizing new album. She started well tonight, although a bit on the slow side, as she carefully built the drama throughout her set. She was aided by a rhythm section who had a delicate touch and a lead guitarist who worked well with her guitar. Olsen's voice is fantastic as she is able to sound cute, but twist her voice around to pull out a full range of emotions while nimbly moving about the melodic scales. This was a sold-out crowd and they were highly involved with this set, as I rarely see quiet moments in songs work so well as they did here with the usual rock club crowds. That had a lot to do with Angel Olsen's ability to smoothly transition rising and falling tension and a sympathetic band that had the grace and technique to make it all sound so easy. Olsen finished with three songs played and sang solo to show an even softer side of her songs. Next up is Europe, US west coast, more Europe, Green Man Festival... Angel Olsen is grabbing a serious market share of music lovers who want special, creative and powerful music that retains warmth and depth of feeling.

Video of the Night: If you don't feel like looking up this video yourself, here it is...

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