Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bob Mould - Cymbals Eat Guitars -- 9:30 Club - Sep 6 2014

Cymbals Eat Guitars - An early show tonight, so the crowd is still filing in but there are plenty here to greet this interesting east coast band. Their very name gives you a hint of the fight between instruments that I notice during their songs. It's more of a clash of sounds that harmonizes together. There are keyboards, guitar, bass and drums and they somehow manage a smooth shoegazey sound with a sharp post punk attack and melodic nimble bassline. I have to give the drummer props for making sense of it all, too. Just when I feel comfortable, I start to get edgy, then I relax... very effective. The band tore it loose quite well for the last couple songs which went over well with the crowd. Good job by these up and comers.
Bob Mould - Where to begin here? Bob and I were good friends back in all the Husker Du years and many beyond. We spent a lot of time together and worked on some projects together (mentioned in his book, so happy hunting). Although we're not in touch any more, he's still an old friend I am reviewing, so there is not much of a critical stance here. And that is no problem with that because the more challenging electronica era of his career is long gone and he's back to fronting a ferocious rock trio. He begins with a couple of 'old friends' by playing 'Flip Your Wig' and 'Hate Paper Doll' to get the show rolling. From then on it is a mix of old and new with plenty of great songs from the new album. There are equal parts toughness, warmth, thoughtfulness, care free rock... this is one rocking set that really will take you back, or give you a full taste of what you missed. There are only a couple of moderate breaks, with most of the songs toppling over each other to make their way out. This always worked wonders with his early bands and in these days of tuning between every song (another hint to the young bands), this welcome approach really increases the excitement and the immediacy of the music. He even apologized for one tuning break 'before the stretch run'. Yes, some tuning when really needed is a good thing. No matter what phase of Bob's career you like (and most like nearly if not all of it--even the electronica had its moments), you will like what Bob, John Wurster, and Jason Narducci deliver.

Quote of the Night: We're nearly finished with the harshest musician on musician quotes collection...

5. Boy George on Elton John
“All that money, and he’s still got hair like a fucking dinner lady.”

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Chris O. said...

Speaking of middle-agers who still rock...

I really wanted to make it. I'd never seen Bob Mould before this year, and I saw him once solo and once with bass and cello (C-E-L-L-O). However, my wife had no interest in seeing Bob Mould on her birthday (I did suggest it), so we did what she wanted to do. I hope he plays with a drummer at the 9:30 again.