Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chomp Chomp - Sir EU - Dullard -- Velvet Lounge - Oct 15 2014

Dullard - Thankfully, this gentleman's moniker was not prophetic to what I thought of his set. And it was going to be a challenge tonight as I was hearing electronica and hip hop, usually something I would enjoy at home more than in a club. Dullard was just one guy with his computer and electronic gear, but he managed to cook up a smart set that was a pleasure to listen to. His drum programming was a bit better than average and the overall thickness of the sound worked well for me. Good job.

Sir EU - Jesse aka Chomp Chomp is working the beats for this DC area rapper. I can follow some of it well enough, but at other times the cliches come out in between the fast dialog which is less comprehensible. I am not sure there is a lot of new ground here, but I rather enjoyed a couple of his later raps as he had more interesting lines with just enough innovation on the beat. Enough of the crowd was getting into the set and he delivered the goods quickly and efficiently. So if the local hip hop scene is your scene, Sir EU should be a part of it.
Chomp Chomp - We have another electronica set which does not always excite me in the live setting. However, it seems a really good fit at the small and cozier Velvet Lounge. There was a modest crowd close to twenty who added to the comfort with a bit of dancing and a lot of support. Jesse's music began with a nice pulsating beat that never went into a more annoying throb. He kept it nimble and interesting with various melodic shifts and bursts. The real success in making this set work for me was his tracking where he shifted from darker material to brighter poppier bits before finishing with a grandiose powerhouse. This was the right setting for a pleasant night of music with enough variety to hold attention from beginning to end. So I was happy to attend.

Quote of the Night: From Sir EU... "You people are slaves, I got the microphone."

Yes, but I had the pen.

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