Saturday, October 11, 2014

Second Hand Rose -- Atlas Performing Arts Center - Oct 10 2014

Second Hand Rose - Glam rock is one of those nearly lost arts of my youth. There were a few styles of music done then that just don't seem to create the inspiration for younger bands to follow. I think more of it is due to finding like minded musical partners as well as developing the extra layers of skill to make it work. Whatever the reason, my quests will always continue to find these lost arts. Thanks to the Atlas Performing Arts Center, they have provided me my glam fix with this wonderful band from China. For nearly two hours this band created a wild universe of glamor, hard rock, ethnic sounds, and sheer joy. The large crowd was very much into this band as there was a significant Chinese presence in the auditorium. This was rather fun as most of the stage patter was in Chinese and it was amusing to hear people laughing at jokes I couldn't begin to get. Clearly this band is big and very comfortable with their audience. That translated just fine. And musically, with guitar solos wailing away on top of a smooth active rhythm section, there were was plenty to translate to any rock fan. There was also a Dutch guy on percussion and electronics, which gave things an extra bounce. The real wild card was the guy on horns and wooden flutes. He created intense bleats that worked with the guitars, as the sound was as intense as that of the Brian Jones album "The Pipes of Pan at Joujouka". Of course the charisma and vocal force of founding member Liang Long is the commanding presence throughout the set.
I rarely wear a smile as long as I did last night, even at shows that I am enjoying. This band created a world somewhat forgotten to me, where they take the best of Roxy Music, Sadistic Mika Band. and Sweet and toss in psyche and prog moves from many of the classic bands and formed it into something magical of their own. I have had a lot of choices on my schedule and I have been very fortunate to be a bit more adventurous lately and am thrilled that I came to the Atlas tonight, a comfortable venue that will push the boundaries of the club scene into something a bit more worldly. I will be writing me more when I do my 'Ten Best Shows' column at year's end, as this one has a spot reserved there.

Quote of the Night: From Jeroen Groenwegen-Lau in answering Li Ziqiang's lyrical East/West debate... "No. Plastics were invented in the West."

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