Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Temples - Spires -- 9:30 Club - Oct 28 2014

Spires - From the Temples to the Spires, these are well matched bands both by name and by sonic output. Spires has the exact look on stage as Temples with a lead singer-guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a guitarist/keyboardist. This band works the same popsike sonic territory as Temples, but of course has its own personality. The drumming and bass lines are both quite quick with the drums creating a more rock sound, while the bass smooths out the rhythm with a steady humming line. The vocals are strong with the harmonies on the lighter side of things. Guitars ring out strong and heavy at times with the tuneful melodies evident throughout. I particularly like how the keyboard parts were bold with a jarring sound that diversified the songs much more than usual (not quite Goblin, but in that direction). The songs were good and the execution even better and there is a strong likelihood of success awaiting this band.
Temples - I loved this band when I saw them last year at the DC9 and their show made my Top Ten shows of 2013 for DC. So it is no surprise that their album is also heavy on my play list and that the band has had great success with it, as well as their increased touring. So now it is the larger environs of the 9:30 Club that house the popsike fans that come to worship the Temples, or at least dig the songs. And it is of course hard not to fall back into 60s lingo when you groove to this music. Even the two ecstatic dancers that were going strong all set had an old fashioned sinewy style that took me back. These songs have some best pop hooks out there these days and the vocal quality and musical execution is top notch. They handle the big club and the big sound system just fine tonight. There is plenty of bite in their sound to make the live experience well worth the effort on any stage. I love this band and my only complaint is that I want more music. It is still pretty much the first album, although they jam it out a bit to get more than an hour out of their set. And they know how to jam, so again, see these guys live some time, as few do it this well.

More closet cleaning... or in this case, from my parents' garage. I am not sure how I did without this product for so long. My closet is like a breath of fresh air (moths beware).

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