Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Allah-Las - Tashaki Miyaki -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Nov 21 2014

Tashaki Miyaki - This is an LA power trio and since it is from LA, they are rather easy going on the power. Instead, they opt for that classic easy brand of psyche-rock that shows a bit of roots as well as decent song structures. The female drummer handles the lead vocals with only a touch of harmony from the bass player now and then. Her voice has a chill to it, but is not too icy but rather contemplative. The guitarist works in many layers of fuzz and leads the band into a few extended space exploratory jams that do not overly dominate. The songs are decent enough but it gets to be a bit of background like at times. I also thought they were doing 'Wild Thing' once until they turned those riffs into their own song. To be completely fair, I could not quite capture the magic due to an even worse than typical Friday night crowd of idiots around me whose conversation was far more important than the music.
The Allah-Las - Also from LA, this twin guitar quartet extends that California brand of psychedelic music even further into this night. It is not surprising to recall that they once toured with the Black Angels, for their sound is as if the Black Angels relocated to California and worked in a Long Ryders sound into their core. This band has great command over the pace of their music, so that the jangled guitar will warmly pull you in to enjoy the pop hooks present in their melodies. The vocals have a distinct personality and complete the package. I was hiding as far away from the noisy crowd tonight, but it was difficult as this band nearly sold out the venue. Based on the live show and their fine album, it is no surprise to see them drawing big crowds. They have hit on an approach that is both comfortable yet original enough to last long in the memory.

Classic billings from the past... This one generated a fun discussion, with Comus's manager recalling that the show was not as good as it sounded, as the PA was woefully insufficient that night. And Arthur Lee was proving to those that met him, that he really was not comfortable touring. Still, if I had a time machine...

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