Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lilt -- Holiday Market - Dec 20 2014

Lilt - 'tis the season for free shows as this is the second in a row for me. In this case, there was a bit more sacrifice as it was a chilly day for this outdoor show with a couple of tents for performers and some of the holiday shopping crowd. It is a bit awkward with people walking in between doing their shopping and in Lilt's case, the music was so inviting to the passerby, that there were a few human traffic jams with interested listeners. And that is no surprise, as Lilt's music has always had an immediate appeal to me with the skillful playing of Tina and Keith on flutes and strings respectively. The music is Irish traditional for the most part, which works perfectly in the wintery season as the melodies add warmth while recognizing the cool environment surrounding. They were supplemented with some nice bodhran playing and with a couple of Irish dancers, which is often a part of their sets. The audience appreciated the quality presented whether they stayed for a couple of songs or were there for far longer than I stayed. If you like Irish music at all, make Lilt a part of your live experience as their particular brand is one of the more inviting brands out there.
Photo from yesterday's show from Lilt FB page.

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