Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Previews of Upcoming Attractions for early January 2015 (and a quick message)

State of the Blog Address or rather a few thoughts on where we are at.

We are into the seventh year of DC ROCK LIVE. There were many times last year where I was 90% positive I would be fully retired by now. But on we go. The one revelation that worried me most was when my late afternoon thoughts went from ‘Oh, good I’ve got a good show tonight’ to ‘Oh good, I get a night off’. I guess doing over 200 shows a year will do that to you. But as I’ve gone from over 200 shows in 2012 to over 160 in 2013 to about 130 this year, I am finding a better balance for the rest of my life and all the various aches and pains.

But stay tuned for more this year. I want to stay active and continue to document a few of the fun things that go on in this city. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, even as my body and mind are at their weariest. Whether we continue with more writers or a smaller schedule, we shall see. The reason ‘taking it one day at a time’ is a cliche is because it is a sound way to approach many things. Now on to the business at hand.

Here are just some of the upcoming shows I am hoping to see, time willing. Give them a listen and join me if you like. Despite all the negatives, the power of live music can't be beat.

Local rockers Dale and the ZDubs are one of four bands at the Fillmore this Friday night, January 2nd.

Willie Watson comes to the Hamilton on Thursday, January 8th.

New Orleans Suspects have two nights for you to choose from at the Hamilton on Friday or Saturday, January 9-10th. There are also a couple members of Little Feat on hand.

I have seen both Cracker and Camper van Beethoven touring in recent years, well now since those bands share so many members, they are touring together at last and hit the stages of the 9:30 Club on Wednesday, January 14th.


Will Copps said...

Thank you for all you do David!

Chris O. said...

I'm glad to hear you are going to keep going. I made it to about half as many shows as you (65), but there's nothing like live music, especially live loud rock music. I'm sure I'll continue to run into you from time to time. I'll keep my eyes on the site, especially your recommendations and your reviews of obscure bands.

Happy 2015!

David Hintz said...

Thanks... 65 shows is a hefty schedule with all you have going on, Chris. I think that is about what I was doing when I still had my full time career. Glad you can keep it going as well!