Friday, February 20, 2015

Bud's Collective - Christian Lopez Band - Cabin Creek -- Tree House Lounge - Feb 19 2015

Cabin Creek - This area band is playing when I arrive and thankfully their music is warming the room on this cold, cold night. They have a stand-up bass with three guys encircling him on a variety of guitars, banjos, pianos, and drums. The variety of sounds shapes the songs into more Americana country or folk-rock. Overall, there is an Appalachian country feeling throughout with more twang in the vocals than that of the guitars. Good solid set of music, at least what I heard of it here tonight in front of a surprisingly large crowd who braved the weather to take in some live music.
Christian Lopez Band - Christian Lopez is a young West Virginian singer songwriter armed with acoustic guitar and a fine band behind him consisting of drums, bass, and banjo/backing female vocals. The rhythm section is excellent as it keeps things brisk and on the edge of the seat. The guitar and banjo are up for the challenge as most of these songs flow by with energy and grit. The vocals are warm yet strong enough to stay on top of it all and deliver the song with the requisite passion and inspiration. The songs all flow together well into a full set of music, nearly an hour's worth, and show off enough textures to hold interest. They cut back to guitar and vocals to break things up nicely, before covering a rousing Johnny Cash number with the band in full rock mode. This was an excellent set of music that went over well with the crowd who deserves extra credit for coming out tonight.

Bud's Collective - I'm a bit wimpier than most tonight as I cut out early, although that has more to do with my schedule as being a weather wimp. But I'll be back for more at the Tree House Lounge, which has some nice new things happening there.

Quote of the Night: from the crowd... "...that sausage making moment..."

And speaking of crowds, great job DC at filling the clubs on nights where it is so easy to stay home and bundle up. This is two nights in a row with large and involved crowds.

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