Saturday, February 14, 2015

JMSN - Rochelle Jordan - Abhi/Dijon -- U Street Music Hall - Feb 13 2015

Abhi/Dijon - One guy sings, the other guy works electronics, beats, samples, or whatever. Songs just kind of faded in and disappeared. When there was a pause, I guess it was over. Sound was kind of murky, singing ok, but the crowd wasn't terribly involved. It is an early start, but the crowd is here, I can hear them talking. All set long, I could not get my mind of the fact that the Mekons first album is called 'The Quality of Mercy is Not Strnen'.

Rochelle Jordan - This time, it is a woman from Toronto in front of the electronics guy. She has a fine voice and the songs seem more complete than previously. Still, the sound is murky with the bass knocking my head back into the wall, while I struggle to hear her singing. Best sound system in the city, so some say. I enjoyed this much more, but the crowd was still flat and the overall sound was lacking enough, that I could see why.
JMSN - Ah, live musicians--what a difference they make. JMSN is here on vocals with a bass player and a drummer who are filling the hall with a powerful undercurrent to light electronica and soaring vocals. He is a fine soul singer who has got the crowd dancing more, as they are enjoying the live excitement of the approach, as well as the familiarity with the songs. I thought JMSN's recent album was a little too steady, but the talent was there as shown tonight. And the musicians gave it a more vibrant edge in the live setting, making this a fine set of modern soul.

Quote of the Night: insight from the opening band... "If you were deployed in Afghanistan for 5 years, it's tough man."

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