Monday, February 23, 2015

Leisure Cruise - Tigers are Bad for Horses -- DC9 - Feb 22 2015

Tigers are Bad for Horses - This local pop duo had a third member working some subtle backing on a Macbook. The main moves stood out more prominently as the female member handles vocal duties, while the fellow works keyboards an synthesizer. His playing is quite meaty, which I find so helpful for this style of music. His synthesizer runs were strong and offset the controlled lounge/R&B style singing. They even had a guest trumpet on a couple of songs, which offered a nice change of pace. I find so much to like in lounge music now that I'm older, as long as there is some heart or heft to the sound. This outfit offered just enough to make this a pleasant opening.
Leisure Cruise - This NYC quartet may offer the fun of a leisure cruise, but their music won't have you leaning back in your deck chair. They have a hard classic rocking sound with modern touches of shoegaze and even some progressive feeling in there. The drums and keyboards (or bass when he switches over) are the strong components along with the female vocals. Interestingly, the guitarist aims for interesting textures and subtle stylistic backing. The crowd seemed to be having fun and it is nice to see such turnouts in recent days. I suppose the winter is stoking the flames of desire to get out and have some fun. This band delivered.

Quote of the Night: From the headliners... "Thanks for choosing us over Hollywood." ... Not a thought to the contrary. Just call me George C. Scott or Sacheen Little Feather.

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