Saturday, March 21, 2015

Borracho - Lo-Pan - Against the Grain -- The Pinch - Mar 20 2015

Against the Grain - From the great music city of Detroit comes this amalgamation of metallic style that gets this night out to a rousing start. They start with a loose thick monster of a song before cutting into a hardcore metal crossover approach. There are plenty of tempo shifts thereafter with the ever present underlying power keeping it all together. Major bonus points for taking few breaks and keeping the noise level highs and the songs forthcoming. Call it a bit of MC5, Valiant Thorr and Saint Vitus all dosed up on Blue Cheer (band or drug, you decide).

Lo-Pan - This is the second time I have seen this Columbus quartet and I was definitely looking forward to hearing their unique approach. Actually seeing the band live is part of the experience, as their mountain of a vocalist sets up behind the drum kit with the guitar and bass front and to the side. So he's overseeing the suite of songs by leading with his powerful vocals. This band could be from Georgia with their way of merging psyche, metal, and punk together, but it is the Ohio Columbus for them, home of very few bands worth considering (I lived there once). But these guys are worth going out of your way for as they proved it again tonight with another solid thick set.
Borracho - And if you haven't had your fill of interesting modern metal by now, there is now the local band that does it so well. This trio has a great approach with keeping it simple at the core, but stretching the intensity out at a steady pace by digging deep and letting fly. It was running a bit late for me tonight, so I can only judge the first half of their set, but they still had the same inner strength as exhibited on the album I own, as well as past shows. These guys should be on your radar if you like any sort of heavy music at all. They capture a basic primal sound and shape it into their own, which is not as easy as it sounds. Kudos to them for captaining a powerful night of music.

Quote of the Night: from someone nearby... "...but that would be legal in Romania."

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