Saturday, March 28, 2015

DTCV -- Velvet Lounge - Mar 27th

DTCV - This band (actually a duo tonight) is pronounced Detective. They are not these guys, who were signed to Swansong when I was young.
Although one member was Michael des Barres, who was married to the more famous des Barres, Pamela, who is a groupie/writer who wrote the classic 'I'm With the Band'.

James Greer of this DTCV is also from LA and is a writer who wrote 'Guided by Voices-A Brief History' (and many more books and screenplays) about his tenure in that band. He also lived in my old musical home ground of Dayton, while in that GBV and was even engaged to Kim Deal.
So with all these interesting connections and the pleasure I had from listening to their album (reviewed last month), why was tonight such a dud? Well, we can start with the Velvet Lounge going back to their bad habits of opening the doors much later than announced (over 45 minutes tonight) keeping everyone in the dark crowded downstairs bar. Then, we run up where the band starts immediately before everyone can even get in and settle. The band is just a duo as their drummer flew back to LA to shoot a video for Health, which he is also a member of. The good news is he is flying back for the New York show on Saturday--that makes me feel better. The bassist is supposedly selling their merchandise tonight for some reason, unless that is some sly humor from the band. So that leaves just a couple guitars and vocals... and humming feedback. Some of the songs are decent at the core and they go over well enough with the crowd. But frankly, in lieu of remaining for more bands, I feel like spending more time with my cat before settling into bed with an old Dark Shadows episode, so home I went, while U Street partied on.

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