Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apocalyptica -- Embassy of Finland - Apr 29 2015

Apocalyptica - This exciting three-cello rock band from Finland is opening for Nikki Sixx's band tonight at the Fillmore. They had some time to put on a brief half-hour set for a select crowd at the Embassy of Finland this afternoon. And thanks to the Embassy, I was invited to this lovely event and got to see a nice hint at what is coming tonight. This band features three cellos, a percussionist on a drum box today (no doubt a full kit tonight) and a vocalist. The vocalist took a few songs off, but added a strong hard rock/metal style to the rich and rocking cellos. I particularly enjoyed how one cello handled the bass, the other the leads, and the third did a plucking rhythm or some dual bowing with the lead. They went beyond that formula, but their basic sound is quite full and diverse showing off the versatility of the cello. I chatted with one member, who said that cellos are somewhat coming more into vogue now, but there weren't that many cello rock bands in Europe to draw influence from. I mentioned a great and obscure Dane, Tomrerclaus to him who he had not heard of, but he was quite familiar with the fine US dual cello/percussion band, Rasputina. The band did quite well today and it will only get better as it gets louder tonight.
And thanks to the Embassy of Finland for putting on such a nice program. I always have a great time at embassy events and want to remind everyone that many embassies will soon be opening their doors for the masses of DC residents that come to visit on the annual open house event. Over a quarter of million people take part, so get started early. It's gotten so big, that it is split into two Saturdays with much of the world embassies open on Saturday, May 2nd, while the European Union members (including Finland) open their doors on the Saturday the 9th. Get the details here.

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