Friday, April 10, 2015

Lady Lamb - Rathborne -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Apr 9 2015

Rathborne - From the artist's twitter account... "Washington DC. You are the Capitol of my heart. Thank you Rock'n'Roll Hotel and Lady Lamb for haulin us around"

As for my comments on the set? I'm still riding around a several block police barricade trying to find my way into an area I can park and maybe get to the club.
Lady Lamb - From the artist's twitter account... "Thank you for singing with me at Rock'n'Roll Hotel, Washington DC"

As for me, I'm at home seeing that there are several blocks still on shut down looking for the gunman/kidnapper (and still one closed block this morning). I am glad that the show happened and there were people who somehow got there and were safe.

This is the second time a gun wielding nut prevented me from getting to a show. But it's not my complaint, as I am alive to tell the tale, unlike two people who were facing the gunmen.

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