Sunday, May 3, 2015

Joe Pug - Field Report -- 9:30 Club - May 2 2015

Field Report - It is just Christopher Porterfield of Field Report on guitar and vocals and unfortunately without a backing band and some volume, annoying conversations rule the day. When I am able to focus on the music, he has a nice little style to his playing with fingers or picks and there is occasionally some backing synth or echoes adding some mystery to the song. But any mystery is bludgeoned by the idiots next to me in 'the VIP' section of the club. I guess status has its privileges. I would have said something, but that only would have highlighted that there were other conversations further away, but still audible, coming into play. So the choice was to stay and be frustrated or go home, play with my cat and do what I want. Easy choice.
Excessive rigs - keyboards... Again, not so much excessive, but just a huge early version of the Moog synthesizer. This one belonged to Keith Emerson. Interestingly, it was delivered to the studio while he was working on the first ELP album. His experimental noodling became the 'Lucky Man' solo. I had a guess of Paul Beaver, which is a good guess as he may have had one just like this.


Anonymous said...

How is this a review? What is being reviewed here, the performance or the people in the vip box? Why would a reviewer be in the vip box, anyway? The back of the balcony was probably the best place to hear the overtones, a big part of the set for both porterfield and greg tuohey, joe pug's guitarist.

David Hintz said...

It was a statement of how I could not do a valid review of the show. I was there, because I was invited there and due to back problems, I sit down as often as I can. It was the third time I've been in that section, the hundreds of other times I am standing. Overtones? It was hard enough to hear much of anything beyond the basic melody and that area I was in is in the back. Crowd noise is an issue that has come up in this blog and in other publications. That was all I could review that night. It is far easier for me to write nothing, but I would rather mention a recurring problem of the disrespect people have for their surrounding neighbors.