Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Preview of Upcoming Attractions - Early June 2015

After a few days off here and there, summer heats up in June with loads of touring bands headed this way along with the usual plethora of high quality local fare. Indulge on these and more...

Porcelain Raft floats on over to the DC9 on Tuesday, June 2nd.

Hutch and Cathy make their way to the Black Cat on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Jesse Marchant revisits our fine city on Friday, June 5th. He'll be at the DC9. Or if you want a bigger show, check out Calexico at the 9:30 Club.

Wire makes for required viewing (I mean it, man) on Saturday, June 6th (unless you are at the 70-Guitar show, but why not try for both?). Wire visits their usual host, the Black Cat.

Little May is with the Vaccines at the 9:30 Club on Sunday, June 7th.

Nothing hopefully brings more than that when they hit the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on Monday, June 8th.

In what is a ridiculous night when you could be seeing Paul Weller or Mono, may I suggest you think about Australia's DMAs at the DC9 or Ed Schrader's Music Beat at the Black Cat. This all happens on that craziest of nights, Tuesday, June 9th.

And finally (after skipping several more fine shows from the 10th-14th), I am torn between two really good ones on Monday, June 15th. You have your choice between Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the U Street Music Hall or Iceage at DC9.


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