Saturday, May 9, 2015

Those Darlins - Adia Victoria -- DC9 - May 8 2015

Adia Victoria - The first of two Nashville acts that will have you thinking of anything but Nashville when you dive into their music. You'll want to step delicately into the songs of Adia Victoria. Don't let the breathy, sultry lounge styled vocals lull you into too comfortable a feeling, because lyrically and musically there is plenty of venom in the delivery. Musically this reminds me of Nadine Maria Schmidt with a lot of the Jessie Sykes band's energy. The band has that extra kick to it that really locks you down to where the vocals and spacey lead guitar bursts will deliver the knock out blows. There's a tad of southern rock in here, but it is much to smart to stay there too long. Instead, it is a powerful sound that is quite addictive and should take Adia Victoria and her band a long, long way.
Those Darlins - And now for a much different take on rock'n'roll, but no less interesting. Well, maybe a little less as sometime this band's casual approach interested me less than their stronger and slightly sinister songs. But they varied things nicely with a bit of cowpunk, Dangerhouse styled LA punk, and gutter rock moves. They also reminded me of Big Stick, or Joan Jett fronting the Coathangers. All parties sang, although the two female voices took the lead and had a great style. They have a fine overall sound and I appreciated the 'Female Trouble' theme. It was a packed house tonight and they were there early for both bands and were enthusiastic throughout.

Quote of the Night:

Crowd-- "We love the yellow (bright blouse)!"
Adia Victoria-- "I'm like a happy clown"

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