Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DMA's -- DC9 - Jun 9 2015

DMA's - I left the Paul Weller show before encores to try and catch some of this band's set. Since they came all the way from Australia to share their music with this country for the first time, I felt I should make the effort, even if it ended up being their final five songs. There was a decent crowd here who were digging these youngsters' fine hard hitting rock songs. They had three guitars cooking with the rhythm section along with a dedicated vocalist who had enough power to retain his clarity on top of this strong music. Yet they pulled it back with some of the band taking a break leaving acoustic guitar, vocals and just a touch of electric guitar coming in late in one of the two songs. Hopefully these guys will have a good tour and I can come back again and see the full show as they have the songwriting and the chops to make for a great live set.

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