Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hutch & Kathy - Baby Bry Bry -- Black Cat - Jun 3 2015

Baby Bry Bry - Oh dear, a one man band featuring bass and vocals? Apparently this gentleman is in a band (Apologists) who I wish I could see in total, if I was going to see a set of bass playing (and I even like bass solos). Fortunately, he switched to electric guitar after one song and only had the bass back one more time. He even had a drum machine a few times, so ultimately this was a fine opening set in the smaller Black Cat room. Vocally, he was good and his guitar work had an old time rock'n'roll feeling, but not too overtly so. Yeah, I would still like a full band, but this was decent enough to get this show started.
Hutch & Kathy - A Portland male/female duo better known as members in the Thermals are here tonight on guitar and drums respectively. The vocals are extremely good with the male singer taking more of the lead. He is excellent and the harmonies are carefully thought out and executed with Tallis like precision. This is pop music as you might expect from Portland, sprite and clear with just enough extra thrust to keep it fluid and interesting throughout. I am sure the band is good, although I haven't heard them, but you can't do worse than just seeing this fine duo.

Quote of the Night: From the opener... "Got any Raymond Carver fans in the house? (faint woo) Yeh, that's that famous Raymond Carver enthusiasm."

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