Monday, July 20, 2015

Dinosaur Jr. - History Repeated -- Black Cat - Jul 19 2015

History Repeated - It is great to see this fine local outfit gigging around town so much this year. They have long been a strong live act and they continue to show it at billings where they are an important part of. They started off on fire tonight with a thick throaty sound that delivered their usual brand of unique post punk rock. There is plenty of personality in this band from the vocals to the music and their sound really made the most of that tonight. It was a sold-out crowd tonight and they were engaged in this set, which was a perfect lead in to tonight's headliners.
Dinosaur Jr. - It has been a few tours since I last caught with this powerful Boston trio. I have long enjoyed the band, although since their reunion a decade ago, it's been even better as it is the original trio who are grown up and getting along and still making great music. Although there is still plenty of 'You're Living All Over Me' all over this set along with a panoply of cuts from many different albums. All the signatures the fans have come to expect here. The massive sound from three stacks of amps from the J. Mascis guitar, that delivers the volume but does not mask the quality of the playing. Lou Barlow's bass is part rhythm guitar in addition to the thick bottom that matches the volume. Murph's drumming is spot on as always and it is easy to get lost in this music and let the melodies and muscular warmth of the mood wrap you up. Mascis has got to be the only guitarist rated as one of the best 100 ever to honestly admit he has more fun playing drums than guitar, but it is always hard to tell how he determines 'fun' anyways. But although his patter is to Robyn Hitchcock what my writing is to Shakespeare, he is almost chatty tonight with Lou Barlow a bit quieter, but nice as ever. These guys have other projects at work, too, but it is great to see them keeping the Dinosaur alive and healthy for as long as they see fit.

Quote of the Night: John Stabb... "This is Derrick on guitar--he wanted to play really loud tonight so he brought his orange (Marshall) stack".  Wise move--far better than carrying on a little hand-held Vox or Fender amp in front of that massive Mascis backline.


Unknown said...

I hope History Repeated get a record out soon!

David Hintz said...

Chris, you are so right. I probably should use my column to scold them for not spending some time in the studio. They have the songs. At least they are playing out quite a bit. Maybe that will fuel the fire.

Anonymous said...

Fellas, thanks for the nice words. David, from the very start you've been incredibly honest and supportive of History Repeated. And I appreciate brutal criticism of all my work. That said, we've already put out a split 7" with our North Carolina mates, Flat Tires on Rusty Knuckles Records. We've been searching for a label interested in putting out either an EP or LP. Also, my guitarist/friend, Derrick Baranowsky have gone through many member changes till recently but we've got some recordings done at Derrick's home studio, Pirate Station, and anxious to spread them around.

- stabb

David Hintz said...

Thanks John, good luck with getting it out there. It's a different ball game these days, but I look forward to the day with lots of product in my hand. Just don't be like my Scottish friends Caedmon, who only released two albums as they were breaking up... 34 years apart.

Anonymous said...

Yea, History Repeated just needs to find a label we like/trust to put the stuff out on. It's all recorded and in the mix process.