Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mourn - Den-Mate -- DC9 - Jul 13 2015

Den-Mate - This local quintet has a couple guitars, a rhythm section and a female vocalist. At their best I am taken back to the Banshees in the early McGeoch days, although it is filtered through a parallel time portal as this band has a bit of their own personality to add. Yet at their worst, a few songs sound like Gray Matter or Rites of Spring outtakes, not terribly bad, just less gripping. Ultimately there is enough creativity on the pacier rockier numbers especially, that this band is well worth a listen. They definitely energized a healthy Monday night crowd, no easy task, especially for a surprisingly late start.
Mourn - The youth movement continues on stage and in the crowd as these Barcelona youngsters continue to make their name on this continent. They have a great fusion of a near krautrock rhythm with a post punk guitar style from the two guitarists who also share vocal duties. I've got Banshees on the brain as the guitars resemble that punk invents post punk sound, although the vocals take on an interesting harmonic approach. The music seems simple and catchy, but they have some intriguing shifts and solos that foreshadow some great things ahead. But it is quite good already as this is a fine set that is over with this crowd. When I see a band with x's on their hand that are this accomplished, I get quite optimistic for my continuing quest to find great bands out in the world, even if I feel a bit out of place in the room. But I am happy to have been a part of this tonight.


Plug of the Night: The latest issue of Folkworld is up with German and US editions featuring many reprints of DC live shows as well as my latest album reviews that are NOT reprinted here. So to find out if the latest Richard Thompson album is any good (not so much a spoiler alert--it is), head on over.

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