Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cayucas - Hibou -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Aug 3 2015

Hibou - Dream pop that moves. It can be done and was done here by this Seattle outfit. The key was the crisp rhythm section who kept peppy basslines moving and sharp snare shots to make this music more mobile than is usually the case. The vocals were warm and inviting throughout and the guitars extremely atmospheric. The guitars built up more strength as the set went on, which was a fine way to construct a 43 minute set. Careful rising intensity is something you feel and not only keeps you attention but builds enthusiasm as well. Fine job here tonight as this large and young Monday night crowd seems quite happy.
Cayucas - More pop rock here, from California twins on lead vocals/guitar/keyboards and bass. The live band is filled out with guitar and drums and these guys work on the atmosphere created by the previous band but move into more rhythmic variation and soulful singing. But it is the pop hooks that take firm grasp of this music no matter, which way the band turns. Their music should easily work its magic on a pretty strong fan base. The cool thing is that their brand of pop should appeal to a smarter crowd, which seems to be the vibe here tonight with the reaction being a nice balance of enthusiasm and respect. The only thing I heard that did not work for me was the steadiness of the vocals. They were very good, but a bit more variation or harmonies would help me along their path. Still, it is pretty hard to not to have at least a minimum amount of pleasure with music like this.

Video of the Night: Yes, the soccer subterfuge here is fun, but it is a good reminder to the masses to pay attention to the little things in life, because their may be some magic there. Applying that to music, you should go to a small club show featuring local bands you don't know in between the Foo Fighters arena event and the sold-out 9:30 Club show. And always see the opening band's set. What do Nirvana, Jesus Lizard, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, and AC/DC have in common? I saw them all as opening sets (the first two bands were on the same show with headliner Dinosaur Jr.).

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