Friday, September 25, 2015

Truly - Fellowcraft -- DC9 - Sep 24 2015

Fellowcraft - Two 'rules' were broken when this local power trio started; first, don't go into lengthy patter before your first song, unless there is something really special going on. There wasn't. Second, don't open with a sing along, especially as the opening band. But they won me back by immediately launching into a wah-wah guitar run, so we are back on good footing. These guys are new, excited, maybe a bit nervous and they used some of that to good effect with the energy they infused in their songs. They kind of ran around a few styles as they still should be afforded more time to fully find their way and try it all until then. At their best, I thought they sounded like Point Blank trying to cover Budgie. The vocals were much better when tough than when earnest and all three sang with the guitarist taking the lead. The playing was fine and even good at times. Early days. Stay tuned.
Truly - This was a treat. Were there some psychedelic moves in the Screaming Trees? Yes. How about Soundgarden? Not as much, but 'Hunted Down' from the first EP feels very psyche to me. So take the drummer from the Trees, the bassist from Soundgarden and singer/songwriter steeped in psyche rock and even add keyboards and you have a great combination. These guys really have a spectacular sound that keeps some of the early grunge toughness but spinning it into a sweeping psychedelic approach. The vocals are gentle which is a great offset to the music that veers from raging to mysterious. The players all work off of each other perfectly, which you may expect having been together so long, yet is refreshing as they don't play out much in recent years. 20 years since last in DC I think they said? The songs reminded me of a stronger update on The Golden Dawn, a brilliant Texan band from the 13th Floor Elevators days. What a great set and anyone who stayed home to watch a football game in lieu of this truly deserved what they got. I sure hope I get another shot at seeing them as I am not sure I'll be here in 20 years.

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