Friday, October 9, 2015

Boat Burning -- ML King Library - Oct 9 2015

Boat Burning - Not only is there a great band for the King Library's biweekly music series, but with the great weather, they are having it outdoors. A gorgeous day for this always interesting instrumental guitar heavy outfit. Five guitars, drums, and one person on keyboards and guitar with a couple of guys from the band Tone again a part of this band. There was a new cut from Geordie Grindle and plenty of the Andras Fekete songs I have heard a few times before. It's experimental to a point, but quite accessible and enjoyable. I sat toward the back as I figured that the crowd would make for fascinating viewing as the King Library has workers hanging around during lunch hour, a fair amount of homeless people, various downtowners, and some music heads here for the band. It was cool to see pretty much everyone enjoying it. You could see some people extra enthused when the band had a strong beat and a throbbing, intriguing guitar mix droning on. One guy sat down, took off his shoes, and went into a lotus position, while clapping in beat and forming a pyramid power gesture at times. There was dancing and generally a good downtown vibe on a perfect day. Still plenty of music to come in this series and catch these guys in the club some time, too.

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