Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fuzz - Walter -- Black Cat - Nov 13 2015

Walter - The pall of going to a show minutes after watching what happened at an Eagles of Death Metal show in Paris was not visibly shared that I could see tonight at this sold out show. I am glad people shared the attitude of going out and continuing to support live music and not be swayed by isolated events, but still it was odd tonight. This LA trio blasted away some interesting psyche-rock with powerhouse rhythms and quirky odd post-surf guitar moves. The vocals were twisted and odd and there was a lot of creativity early on. It flattened out a bit and the oddball humor definitely did not work tonight and it would not work on me most any night (intentionally poor and spontaneous raps, non-sequitors, chatting in and away from the microphone mid-sentence). Fair.
Fuzz - Truth in advertising with this band as they blast away with fuzz and fury. This is one of the many outlets for the prolific Ty Segall who handles drums and vocals with this trio. Charles Moothart handles the guitar while Chad Ubovich adds the bass. They both take turns at lead vocals and there are harmonies as well. The songs jam away with just enough precision, but loaded with noise and energy. The best thing about the band is that it has Segall's songwriting skills which pull from the style of a band like July, who mastered the pop, prog and psyche elements of the late 60s. These songs are good enough to go with a few different interpretations, although heavy psyche rock probably serves them best. Crude and catchy and a nod to the late Phil(thy Animal) Taylor was appropriate. Definitely recommended, although some people should have gotten tickets earlier as it sold out just as the doors were opening.

Playlist of the Night: I am always keeping my eyes open for those gateways to alternate universes. Not having found one, I devised a Youtube playlist starting off with tonight's Fuzz and continuing through some highly strange versions of songs from King Crimson's 'In the Court of the Crimson King'. Just click below the brilliant Barry Godber cover and little will be as it seems.

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