Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Dawn Drapes - Illiterate Light -- Sehkraft Brewing - Nov 27 2015

by Kyle Schmitt

Illiterate Light - This two-man band produces a substantial sound, in part due to an effect that appears to sync a bass sound with singer Jeff Gorman’s guitar. Drummer Jake Cochran draws the audience’s attention due to his expressive style of stand-up drumming. He marches in place, bends at the waist reverentially during breaks, then snaps back into action when the music takes a more intense turn. These explosive segues show Illiterate Light at their best and most purposeful. Gorman and Cochran have impressive chemistry, with their contrasting vocals in “Like a Peach” highlighting the duo’s convergent strengths. In addition, before proselytizing about geometric angles, Cochran also informed the crowd that he’d purchased two laptops that Black Friday, but would probably return one of them.

The Dawn Drapes - It is easy to like the Dawn Drapes' soulful, breezy sound. With the grooves laid down in 'Brooklyn' and 'Sister', the band is immediately accessible even when the musicians stretch out into extended instrumental swings. Singer Michael Sanzo employs a smooth shudder that draws the listener closer. The trumpet accompaniment nicely augments the group's sound, serving as a useful solo instrument and adding energy to the latter half of several tunes. On songs like 'With Time', Sanzo's keyboard playing buoys the music with a vibrancy that was lost when he switched to guitar for the set's last four songs. But for most of Friday night, the Dawn Drapes evoke the best qualities of AM radio with their pleasant arrangements and tight musicianship.

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