Monday, December 14, 2015

Drew Gibson - Devon Sproule -- Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club - Dec 13 2015

Devon Sproule - Ms. Devon Sproule hails from Canada, but has long been a Virginia native and offers up a rather universal folk style that works well in any corner of the world. She begins with a deep atmospheric piece before heading off into more familiar song stories like that of a Cheryl Wheeler or a host of other fine folk artists. She closes dramatically without her acoustic guitar and just sings us off after a great set of personal songs. Everything is well balanced here between fine vocals, solid guitar work, and interesting and engaging songs. This is everything you want in folk music.
 photo: Brian Loebig

Drew Gibson - Well, you may want one more thing in folk music, such as one additional set from an excellent songwriter with a band in tow. No drums here, but Drew's regular bassist and steel guitarist are around to add tasty color to Drew's exquisite guitar work, singing, and superb original songs. Drew has been a constant in this scene and has played around the country as well and I always look forward to his sets. He varies the approach from solo to different band combinations enough to keep things fresh, and even reintroduced some originals that have been unplayed at his previous shows. Ms. Sproule joined him for a couple of songs at the end, which made for a fun finish tonight at this lovely venue. It was a bit large for this occasion, but the performers and crowd kept it comfortable and the sound was excellent. This was a fine night out as the quality shows start lightening up during the holiday season.

Photo grab of the Night: As both artists are serious friends of animals, here's one for all of us.

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