Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Yes, we are still here, but with holidays, limited club schedules, guest list snafus, we haven't been to the clubs in a while. That will change in the new year and here are but a few of the temptations.

Folk-Lords comes to the Union Arts on Wednesday, January 6th. This is a cool artists space in an abandoned factory, so give it some support.

Anthony Pirog and Boat Burning combine for a great night out on Thursday, January 7th at the DC9. Support these local talents who have worldly skills (and fanbases).

Devils Walk as Saints walk into the Velvet Lounge on Friday the 8th.

If you missed Ezra Furman last year, you can catch him early in 2016 at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on February 9th (I'm jumping the gun here).

Bully for you, quite literally when they come to the Rock'n'Roll Hotel and open for Metz on Monday, January 11th.

Holy Holy is indeed all of that as the rhythm section from David Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold the World', along with special guests not named David Bowie, come to recreate that album and other Spiders from Mars related material at the Birchmere, January 14th. Holy Glamrock!

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