Sunday, January 17, 2016


Still in relax mode after the intense Bowie music last Thursday, but I will be hitting the clubs again. Here are some of my choices. Join me if you can.

Torres rolls into the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on Tuesday the 19th.

Bayonne was not born on the Bayou, but brings it to the Black Cat on Wednesday the 20th.

Sean McVerry makes it over to the DC9 on Thursday the 21st.

Those Darlins join the rest of us dah-lings at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on Friday, January 22nd. "Indefinite hiatus" to follow for the band.

Miami Horror (is there any other kind?) brings their scary sound to the 9:30 Club on Sunday the 24th.

Wet is hopefully literally not that at the U Street Music Hall on Wednesday, January 27th.

Two choices for Saturday night the 30th include AMFMS at the DC9 or The Record Company at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel. Not sure who will win my vote, so I'll check these videos and ponder further.

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