Saturday, April 16, 2016

HalfSpeak - Jessica Fichot -- Tree House Lounge - Apr 15 2016

Jessica Fichot - From Los Angeles via France comes this tantalizing singer songwriter who occupies a space that is as wide as the world. As she said late on, I sing in French as that was where I was born, in Spanish since I live in LA, in English because I know that as well, and Russian because I can. Add some Chinese culture from her mother's heritage as well as songs and styles from the 1950s to present and you have as diverse a body a work as you will find. Enjoy a trip around the world for a modest cover charge! Along with her vocals and accordion, she has a band that offers acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, and saxophone/clarinet. While there is a lounge jazz-folk-rock sound at the core, there are many gypsy elements at work and songs that delve into deep areas while others just cut loose and offer up the fun. Her lovely undulating voice rolls around the punchy guitar and bass with the brass and wind instruments winding around the song. And even though it was very early evening with only a dozen or so people here, I have rarely seen a crowd as eager to join in on clapping and singalongs. Keep your radar working in case Ms. Fichot returns for another visit, as you will really have to try hard to not have a highly enjoyable time listening to her set.

HalfSpeak - In typical Tree House fashion, we get the second of four diverse bands, although this will be my last for the evening. This trio offers up a hard dose of powerful rock music yet there is some sort of hardcore punk infusion in there, although it would be wrong to call it that. I was kind of thinking Ch. 3 but since I learn that they are brothers perhaps the LA version of Youth Brigade is the more accurate comparison. These guys can play, but there is something that just is not quite working correctly. It is very hard to pin down, although if pressed I would say that their writing needs work and before even that, there needs to be a better focus on an overall approach. There is plenty of potential here and it is likely early days for them. So I would not mind checking in on the progress down the road a ways.

Facebook Grab of the Night: If you ever needed proof of inflation, here is a price sheet of what the UK bands of 1969 would cost you to book. I know getting Pink Floyd for just under $400 will have you digging in your wallet, but that could work.

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