Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adia Victoria - The Grey A -- DC9 - May 17 2016

The Grey A - I thought I had seen this local quartet before, but it was actually fellow writer Kyle Schmitt who took a set in at a Those Darlings show a couple months back. He covers their approach well and I found this blues rock band to be a a fine outfit that can work on many a bill. There is not a whole lot new here, but when you play it well and vary it a bit with distinct songs, you are going to do well. And their second cut had some absolute magical guitar parts embedded within, so they are capable of transcending from the many average bar bands. Definitely worth a look and the crowd dug this set well enough.
Tiny Desk Show photo: @miraehontzphoto

Adia Victoria - I was sure I had seen Adia Victoria before and I did take her set in at a Those Darlings show one year ago. But no Those Darlings tonight, just this fellow Nashville singer songwriter guitarist who is making one of my predictions come true (infrequent as that is) by rising up into headline status and drawing a big crowd on a Tuesday evening. She has an album out now, which no doubt will do well as people discover her great take on blues rock and intense songwriting. She has an air of mystery to her approach that seems gentle, but has a razor sharp intensity cutting through her quiet songs and her loud rockers. The band adds drums, bass, and guitar to her offerings and there are also keyboards, which add just the right amount of magic in the background and in the transitions to really elevate this already strong material. She could hold a room at full attention just playing solo. But all five members are locked in tonight as they control the atmosphere with Adia Victoria's vocals left to strike out and leave a lasting memory to take home. Although she has worked her magic at the DC9 a number of times, she may have to move up a club size or two the next time through.

Photo Grab of the Day: The other Lemmy dated back to 1945.

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