Friday, May 20, 2016

Twin Peaks - Ne-Hi - Jimmy Whispers -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - May 19 2016

Jimmy Whispers - The last time I saw Twin Peaks in DC, they brought another Chicago act to open called the Lemons. They were silly fun and it was a good choice. This time around we have a solo artist who isn't nearly as funny or as musical as the Lemons. Whispers just plays backing tracks that I would imagine are a mix of home-made items along with whole songs like Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World'. I really didn't write any notes as nothing really went on. The young crowd up front was far more accommodating than the more usual cynical crowd would have been, so this happened without incident. Oddly enough, I did not recall last night how much I disliked his last album when I reviewed it here last March. I really did not need that reminder.

Ne-Hi - And another Chicago act is here on this tour and we fared a bit better this time. These guys are sound enough and feature the usual twin guitar quartet rock approach. There is nothing lo-fi about Ne-Hi. They integrate thoughtful runs by all four players in a way that connects well enough and offer a lot to hone in on. They almost remind me of Savage Republic if they had taken a pop approach. At least that comes to mind on the more rocking songs with pace, where they are at their best. This almost goes post-rock, but manages to keep a pop sensibility in there, so it rests somewhat comfortably in between worlds. Not bad at all.
Twin Peaks - This is the third time I have seen this young Chicago band. They have added keyboards to the twin guitar attack since the first time I saw them, which fills out their raucous sound just a wee bit more. It also adds another vocalist as all four front men join in on several choruses and there are a few different lead singers as well. But it is the rollicking guitars and catchy songs that will grab your focus. And they still do it well with a bit more confidence and maturity now that they are a veteran road band. They hit all the right power pop and pop-punk buttons to make for a sound that will certainly attract a crowd. They did that tonight as the club was quite full and probably even better attended sense the density of young fans that crowd to the front was pretty high as opposed to the relaxed older crowds that disperse evenly throughout the club (sorry, I saw a baking show examining how to make sure a cherry cake has well dispersed fruit in the batter). Anyway, this band is solid as ever and becoming a fine reliable outfit that you can expect good things from if you want to cut loose on the evening they come to your town.

Quote of the Night: Jimmy Whispers after a failed crowd surfing moment that lasted 3/4 of a second... "You guys suck."

Funny, I was sort of thinking the same thing.

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