Sunday, June 26, 2016

Black Mountain - Majeure -- Black Cat - Jun 25 2016

Majeure - We begin with the drummer of Zombi, an interesting duo from Pittsburgh. He has electonica backing that is very rhythmic in composition and his drumming just pummels it deeper into powerful patterns. It is always a positive to have live drumming with electronica, although you don't often get drumming this good. Obviously it is important tonight as it is the lone focal point. The electronica is not terribly special beyond its intensity, but some of that is me as long time readers will know. But that last long song had more going on with lots of compositional dynamics. Good opening set, not too long, just a strong burst of energy to set you up for the main course.
photo - Geert Braekers

Black Mountain - It has been a while since this strong psychedelic Vancouver band has graced a DC stage with its unique presence. But it took mere seconds before they grabbed command with an incredibly loud sound with full clarity showcasing the edgy dynamics of their sound. Kudos to their soundman who took this tough room and filled it with this powerful music, leaving no room for idle conversation. But that was not going to be a problem as the hardened fans were mesmerized by this performance. It was not a full house, as they only had a few more people than their large Rock'n'Roll Hotel crowd they previously had, but that was ok with me. It left a bit of space around me, which helps as you listen to music that launches you into space exploration. And that is what these guys do with a killer rhythm section setting a steel girded framework for loud guitars and clever keyboards to direct the journey. Add male psyche-hippie vocals to chilling female vocals, and you have the complete package. The set was well thought out with highlights from all of their four albums. And there is plenty of variety of song within their arsenal of sonic textures. You get some serious songwriting rulebreaking in 'Tyrants'. which still amazes me to this day. I expected a solid set tonight, but this band pushed it much further and delivered a real gem. Hope they don't wait so long until next they return.

Photo Grab of the Night - And early Syd Barrett photo of a painting I will assume he did and inspired him in writing 'Scream thy last Scream'.

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