Sunday, August 21, 2016

Prinze George - Higher Education -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Aug 20 2016

Higher Education - There is some irony in the band name, but I am not really in the mood to find it. These three guys are from College Park, MD and I am seeing them for the first time. They start off with the usual skapunk sound with far more ska than punk. After a few songs they switch off between bass and guitar and things liven up considerably. There is more heft and creativity in the guitar and more dynamics in the song. I would advise them to keep the 21st century hippie on bass, where he is quite good and his brother on guitar, who has a lot more to offer in fleshing out a song. Good warm up set to a very large and very young crowd.
Prinze George - From Brooklyn, but with a couple of local born and breds, comes another trio that is far from power and instead offers intelligent pop music. There are vocals, drums, and one guy to handle various keyboards and guitars as needed. I was expecting a bouncy Saturday night pop rock fest, but instead got more subtle shadings of electropop. Even the vocals showed a delicacy that commanded more attention than someone just belting out lines to dance to. The crowd was quite happy with this sound and many were fans already. But tonight, Prinze George probably converted a few more and left me more impressed than not.

Photo Grab of the Night: Just a little billboard foreshadowing where I hope to be this Thursday.

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