Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kyle's Previews in this, our final week...

Coming Attractions - The Best of This Week
by Kyle Schmitt

Punk legends Buzzcocks take the 9:30 stage on Wednesday, September 28. Formed 40 years ago in England, the band still writes and performs music that affirms the joy of rock ’n’ roll. Come watch guitarist Steve Diggle show how it’s done (and maybe toss around some mic stands).

The Bird and the Bee play Black Cat on Thursday, September 29. This Los Angeles-based duo makes danceable tunes built on Greg Kurstin’s retro pop sensibilities and the smooth, inviting vocals of Inara George. Watch their video for “Will You Dance?”, in which the two display a deft melodic touch as they prevent Patton Oswalt from using the men’s room.

DC’s own Devils Walk As Saints perform at Adams Morgan Porch Fest on Saturday, October 1. The hard-rock trio is preparing the studio follow-up to their hellacious 2013 LP This City Will Burn. David Zaidain’s barbed vocals and bassist Teagan O’Bar’s tight grooves make for a consistently excellent live act.

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