Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thievery Corporation - 9:30 Club - Jan 28 2009

This was the second of five sold out shows. I find that amazing based on what I've heard from this duo. Still I wanted to check it out and see for myself.

Thievery Corporation - Although a duo, the show was augmented by six musicians and eight singers. The duo were on a platform at the top rear of the stage performing on keyboards, electronics and computers looking down from Mount Olympus. The music was heavy dub worldbeats electronica, I suppose. It had people swaying and dancing nicely, but it was a bit slick and at times empty. Washington Post writer Mark Jenkins is someone I almost agree with. He stated that since their material relies more on groove than melody, it tends to be samey. I think he's got it right. I didn't get to see enough of my favorite Brazilian singer, Karina who was briefly used.

Charity of the night: Since there were no good quotes or stories from the evening, I will mentin the Thievey Corporation's charity booth they had at the show. It is the UN World Food Program ( who works on global food programs.

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