Friday, January 23, 2009

Vic Chesnutt/Elf Power - Black Cat -Jan 22 2009

Back to the Black Cat, small stage tonight, although it should be packed. It was although it thinned out considerable as the night wore on. Late starts on weeknights? I would like to be optimistic about that, but I really don't know.

Elf Power - I didn't care much for their recent album but was looking forward to seeing them live. And I was right, they were much more interesting and fun. I have heard the genre psychedelic given to them and have never heard it much until their last song which was a great psyche nugget. The rest of the time, they were a good steady rock band of the modern era with folk touches resulting in easy access. They are from Athens, GA so that says a lot.

Vic Chesnutt - A cult songwriter who even brought Ian MacKaye out of the woodworks. He has recorded with lots of people but was promoting an album he did with Elf Power, so they obviously backed him. A good set of songs, some wry commentary and a very likable set. A very interesting artist that is worth seeing. He said he wrote a song over a year featuring names like "Dick the Bruiser and John the Piper" with the connector and profession in them. It was going well until "Joe the Plumber" threw a blanket of piss over it.

Quote of the Night: "How I got into acting? It was a combination of laziness and stupidity" Earlier that day, I saw Che with Benicio del Torro doing a Q+A. He further explained that he took an acting class in college as he needed an easy class to fill out his schedule. He then was rejected by an agent who wouldn't work with him but recommended him for a Stella Adler scholarship who he had never heard of. But he got it and the rest writes itself.

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