Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Feelies/Shrubs - 9:30 Club - March 14 2009

Shrubs started it off with pretty light power pop. More jangly pop, I suppose. They did a Feelies song which they intro'ed by saying the Feelies have never played it live. At the conclusion, I saw why. Somehow "Where Have all the Flowers Gone" became "Eve of Destuction" by the end, unless I dozed off. It wasn't all bad, just kind of Feelies Light and then some. And then Shrubs did what so many mediocre bands do--they closed with a scorching cool song with great lead guitar noise that still retained their basic style. I just wish that bands who are smart enough to know to close with their best song, could write a few more of them in that style.

The Feelies - Hoboken's finest comes to town for the first time in many years. They had the
two drummers/percussionists working with the two guitars and bass. Like the Pixies, REM, and even Husker Du, the Feelies created a nice niche back in the punk/post-punk day and it still sounds great. Very nice songs from beginning to end with some good dynamic lead guitar. Crazy rhythms throughout and just a real thoughtful quality band at work. They still have it, catch them while you can.

Quote of the Night: "What a good looking crowd... You know, I can't see anybody." --Shrubs.

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